Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Gimmie All You've Got, V.I.N.CENT.!" Deleted Footage from The Black Hole (1979)

Let it be known that I am one of the biggest fans of Disney's The Black Hole ever.  I am completely obsessed with the film and I collect anything related to it, from comic books to thermoses.  So I research the film constantly to see if there's anything new concerning behind the scenes info or (hopefully) a Blu-ray release.  I had heard for a while about some deleted footage from the film.

This first scene that was cut was apparently some kind of scene introducing us to the characters of Kate and Dan.  This explains why they both float towards the camera in the final film when we first see them.

The second scene cut is when the survivors of the Palamino are escaping the doomed Cygnus and run through some kind of engineering catwalk.  Charlie almost falls into some smoke and V.I.N.CENT rescues him.  This scene is still present in Alan Dean Foster's novelization.  I'd love to believe that they shot the well known alternate ending, where Kate is in the Sistine Chapel looking at the Creation of Man, I think that ending would have brought something more to the film in terms of scope.  As much as I would love to peruse the Disney vaults, I think that we may have to wait and see if any Blu-ray release will include these scenes.  


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  2. Hi man.. I too am a fan of the film. There were at least a couple of deleted scenes of which I'm aware (given the fact that there are promo photos from said scenes) - both of which indeed did feature in the novel. The first was some back story with Harry and Alex discussing the mission and the fact that they were better off avoiding the last minute Xmas shopping rush, Charlie and VINCent chatted about Xmas dinner (cut short by one of VIncent's witticisms) and Kate and Dan shared a close moment talking between themselves and her wish to adopt VINCent, just prior to VINCent reporting on the course deviation. The second major scene was the infamous power centre crossing, visible for a few seconds prior to its cut in the film, where Charlie and Kate get piggy back rides from VINCent and BOB, whilst Dan attempts a bridge crossing and falls with one half of the bridge into the reactor wall, with VINCent and BOB rescuing him. This would then jump to the scene with Reinhardt watching over the crumbling Cygnus, the subsequent destruction of the power centre, as well as explaining the running limp we briefly see Holland sporting, and the cut over his eye after they've passed through the black hole.

  3. Glad to see other big fans. This was definitely one of my favorite films growing up. I saw it on several birthdays and was really happy when my grandparents bought me the video. I still keep the case. It will be interesting to see a remake some day, too. I doubt it will have some of the great things in the original, like the music and cast.

  4. big fan of the black hole. i would be a happy man if i could see the deleted scenes! i've got scrambled memories of seeing these scenes in the cinema, but it more likely that i'm merging memories of the trading cards and story book showing the scenes with what i actually saw when i was a seven year old boy. this film surely deserves a fully featured blu-ray with details of the cast, crew and the amazing effects work that went in to one of my most beloved films of all time.
    now, who would i need to talk to at disney to take a wander through the archives! :D