Thursday, April 5, 2012

Macross: Do You Remember Love? Is Getting A 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Release In Japan

Announced recently by the Anime News Network (and up for pre-order on is a very exciting upcoming release.  For the 30th Anniversary of the original Macross series, Macross: Do You Remember Love? will be released on blu-ray in a collector's box edition.  Even though this is a foreign release, (with probably no English subtitles) it is Region A, so the chance to own what may be my favorite animated film of all time in high definition is irresistible.  Its running for what is roughly $164 but the price is definitely worth it when considering what the box set contains.  Included is an immense amount of artwork featured in an archive book, some character sketches printed on separate pages, mini-posters, a reproduction of the original theatrical pamphlet and even a film clip!  The Blu-ray disc itself contains several interviews and featurette's on the making of the film and its impact.  Also included on its own disc is the special ending to the film done years later, Macross Flash Back 2012, part of which is in the ending of Do You Remember Love? Perfect Edition.  All of this combines to make a Macross fan's dream come true, the next best thing to a release over here.  Oh and there's a PlayStation 3 game based off the film included as well.  But that's not my area of expertise.  I will certainly be posting any and all updates on this I can find of value and especially those involving picture and audio quality.  I can't wait!    

Nothing in this movie won't look good in HD.

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