Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The 54 Movie Challenge - #1 - Pierrot Le Fou

So in passing conversation with Joel, I asked him to make me a list of movies that I should watch because I'm kind of the Jr. Cinemologist here having seen the least movies of all of us. What Joel sent me was a list of 54 movies, some of which I don't even own. So I thought as my real first solo on the site, I would give my first impressions on each movie as I watch them. What's up first?

Starting off with a bang that's all I can say
Words cannot describe how I felt after watching this movie, it is wonderful. I was fortunate enough to grab the Blu-Ray version and wow was it worth it, the visuals are spectacular without a doubt! As for the movie substance itself, it's like nothing I've ever seen before. It gained that title fairly early on as well.
She sung such a happy love song before they revealed the dead guy on the other bed
To be honest the movie had me a little confused for a while before I got into the idea that you have to take this movie in stride and not think to much about the very colorful dialogue.  I found the "romance" between Marianne and Ferdinand ( Not Pierrot) to be very interesting,  as neither seem to trust that the other loves them and you really never know. Pierrot Le Fou seems to go where you least expect it to.

Need I say more?
At the end of the day I don't think I ever will know how to describe this movie, and I think I will leave it that way.

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