Saturday, May 12, 2012

The 54 Movie Challenge - #2 - Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro

Anybody who knows anything about Lupin the Third knows what this is going to be, so lets not hold this up with pleasantries and get right into it.

This is all you need to know
So far it's been two movies in a row with a fantastic visual appeal to them, the animation and colors are fantastic in their hand drawn beauty. The movie itself is such a fun ride, it's a classic tale of a dashing thief, using his wits and allies ( and maybe even enemies) to pull off a grand heist.  Though that basic plot is much too general for what goes on in Castle of Cagliostro ( pronounced Caliostro, don't ask me why) and it kept me pretty involved during the entire thing even with it's moments of sheer " How does that happen!?"
Fly Lupin, Fly!
However it reminds me of just how amazing these fight scenes are, not only are they wonderfully animated, but also wacky. You simply cannot look away while one is going on.

Pirates of the Caribbean has nothing on this
Not to mention the villain, oh the villain, he is one mean monkey fighter. He is one of those amazingly evil characters who just screams " I'm evil!" but here it's never in a bad way, it's not the characters don't know he's evil, and if they don't they learn pretty quickly. Not to mention he is actually pretty threatening, implying and acting out brutal murder without a second thought.

Him!? Evil!? A-WHA-WHA-WHA!?
I would go back and watch this again any day and it would never get old no matter how much I watched it, however i have 52 more movies to watch, so onward!.

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