Sunday, June 3, 2012

The 54 Movie Challenge - #3 - Hausu

So I'm a bit late in writing this (I have been fairly busy and lazy), but a little more than a week ago, we Cinemologists had a horror movie night! One of those movies was the infamous Hausu, a movie on this list.
Not something to watch at 2 AM.

As is normal in Japan this movie is crazy with no tape to hold it in place, a colorful, fun, and scary film, (not really in a frightening way, but in a disturbing shocking way).

Oooooohhhh, nasty...
Trust me,the amount of nightmare fuel this movie contains by mutilating high school girls is amazing and plentiful. Half of the girls get eaten by the house itself. However, believe it or not, I get the story; it actually is a very straight forward one. It's just that tons of stuff happens that makes you think someone spiked your Gobstoppers.

The movie itself was a ton of fun though, and seeing the reactions of those who don't have any resistance to Japan-crazy (I regularly watch anime so I'm pretty ok) is outright the most fun you'll have on any late-night viewing. Though sadly the naming of the movie is pretty horrible. The title is supposed to be House, but, if you say it like that, everyone will think you're talking about a certain bad tempered doctor.

Oh, hahaha... Got anything else, Internet?


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