Saturday, September 22, 2012

Born Today in 1940: Anna Karina

Today is the birthday of my all time favorite actress, the unforgettable Anna Karina.  Anyone who knows me is aware that I rave about her beauty, charms and acting ability. Her range can be from the adorably comedic, A Woman is a Woman 1961 to the dramatically serious, The Nun 1966.  I don't know many other actresses who are able to convey the sense of a real personality on screen as she does.  When watching her films we react to her as if she is someone we know.  We get frustrated or even mad at some of her actions on screen when it seems that we shouldn't.  This is because of what I love about her, she is her own person on the screen, especially in the films directed by her one time husband Jean-Luc Godard.  One can tell she is a spirit not easily quenched.  She does as she pleases, but we believe it, which is indeed a rarity among screen actresses of her time and even today.  Its part of what makes her so alluring.  Throughout her career she's starred alongside such people as Marcello Mastroianni, David Niven, Michael Caine, Robert Forster and so on.  Heck I even saw her in an episode of I Spy, alongside Robert Culp and Bill Cosby!

Yet Anna went beyond being a merely an actress and has been a writer, director, had a very successful singing career and has even recently written a children's book which is a retelling of the Ugly Duckling.  Not to mention, she is, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman on the planet, with eyes on loan from heaven that one simply gets lost in.  But I've spoken like a rabid fan enough, here is a wonderful scene capturing Anna in all her vivacious glory:

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