Wednesday, January 15, 2014

9 Animated Movies We Want in the Criterion Collection

Today Alex discusses that wonderful home video company the Criterion Collection and their relationship with animation over the years, before counting down nine animated films that should be in the Collection!


This was a review that took us quite a while to put together, and a number of events changed the final video from what we had originally planned. When we started work on it back in October, Criterion had not yet announced that they were releasing Fantastic Mr. Fox, and so integrating that into the topic was a necessity.

We also had envisioned doing a big collaborative segment, incorporating our thoughts on the Criterion Collection and animation with those of other cinematically-minded bloggers and YouTube people. However, that sadly fell through, due entirely to our own mismanagement and the fact that we had the great idea of launching such a collaboration right in the middle of the busiest time of year for most people (November and December). With that said, the talented reviewers we approached were all incredibly friendly and supportive, and Dean of DVD (a really cool presence on YouTube) put together an excellent video segment intended for this part of the review.

Below is Dean of DVD's video presented in its entirety. This works really well as a thoughtful contrast to our more "pro-animation" stance in the final video and cites a lot of great points as to why Criterion may have stayed away from animation for so long. Check it out!

As a bonus, below are a couple more unedited portions from our first attempt, showing among other things Y2K reporting on the Criterion Collection's vaguely positive response to our email on animation (the announcement of Fantastic Mr. Fox made this part somewhat out-of-date and redundant in the final version). However, any chance to show off more of Y2K's reporting shtick must be seized.

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