Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Cygnus Broadcasting Station: The Complete Series (2011-2013)

As we prepare to move into a new era of Cinemologists podcasting (the first episode of Cinemologists Radio is coming very soon), it seems like an appropriate time to look back at our very first attempt at a radio talk show... The Cygnus Broadcasting Station!

Named after the awe-inspiring spaceship from The Black Hole (1979), C.B.S., as we affectionately (and confusingly) referred to it, began on Alex's YouTube channel on September 23, 2011 and completed its 8-episode run on the Cinemologists' now defunct Blip.tv channel on January 7, 2013. On the show, we discussed just about everything under the cinematic sun we could think of. The audio quality was horrendous, the banter was frequently off-topic, and we seemed to be confused as to who the actual "host" of the show was, but we sure had a lot of fun doing it. We even had a celebrity guest star in one episode!

Listed below is the complete series in broadcast order for your convenience:

Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Upcoming Blu-Ray Releases We're Excited About

As we batten down the hatches for another year of sequels, remakes, and cash-ins (alongside some admittedly promising films), it's easy to get discouraged about new releases these days. However, for the old school movie fans out there, the home video market still has some tricks up its sleeve. Over the past weeks, quite a few exiting Blu-Ray releases of classic and cult movies have been announced, so we thought we'd count down some of our most anticipated titles...

It! The Terror From Beyond Space (Blu-ray)
10. It! The Terror from Beyond Space

Release Date: May 19
Distributor: Olive Films

Olive Films has released an impressive catalog of classics and oddities over the years, and their A/V presentations have been quite solid as well. With that in mind, their announcement about It! The Terror from Beyond Space makes me very happy. A claustrophobic and suspenseful sci-fi gem that inspired Alien and had a lasting effect on John Carpenter, It!'s gonna be awesome on Blu-Ray! (I'm almost not ashamed of that joke.)

9. Tentacles/Reptilicus

Release Date: June 16
Distributor: Shout Factory (Scream Factory label)

It warms my heart that companies like Shout Factory exist, companies who will think nothing of paring an Italian killer octopus movie with a Danish prehistoric monster flick in order to give both a proper, crystal-clear HD release. If I had to be honest though, I'm mostly excited for Tentacles. Between that fabulous Stelvio Cipriani soundtrack, Bo Hopkins dispatching a pair of trained killer whales to fight a giant octopus, and John Huston being John Huston, what's not to love?